WDC combines market analysis, financial resources, and construction expertise to identify land and turn it into build-ready sites.  WDC offers Tenants the ability to work directly with us as the Landlord throughout all phases of development; streamlining efficiency and delivering exactly what the Tenant needs. We handle the entire development process including site selection, planning, engineering, surveying, platting, site work, infrastructure, detention, marketing, and ground-up construction. Our mission is to provide our clients the best value and then to continually provide the best service through outstanding real estate management.



As a general contractor, WDC focuses on meeting the Client's construction needs and focusing on what is important - Economy, Quality, and Speed. Building on a site owned by us or our client, we approach each project with the same goal. WDC has a fully integrated team of professionals that can handle the entire building process including planners, architects, engineers, permitting and construction supervisors.